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Dig(ging) the City, Greening the City

Dig the City is Manchester’s urban gardening festival. In the past, ‘urban’ and ‘gardening’ were never uttered in the same breath because most green spaces in cities comprised unused city parks, the only flora and fauna being...

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The aspirational shouldn’t garden

Chelsea Flower Show is over. Take a deep breath. Step away from social media. Allow your blood pressure to return to normal. Yes, the Benedict Cumberbatch piece with his Mum was so bad that millions of gardeners felt their arses...

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Life on Pig Row: Learning to Swear

Digging is a four letter word. Don’t believe me? Do some. You will find it is exactly four letters wide, four letters deep and four letters back-breaking. Give someone an allotment and a spade and in four weekends’ time I...

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