Tag: Lynne Bateson

Storing Up Trouble

Many of my American friends harbour a dark secret: they keep stuff in storage units, pretty much permanently. Largely, they are sensible souls, yet they pay the equivalent of a car instalment or more every month to store...

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America’s sickening health system

Despite my bad back, I did a fingertip search for the pill I dropped on the floor. I eventually found and swallowed it – having first blown off the dust. After all, medicine is money here. One friend looked forward excitedly to...

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Lady Liberty is no Liberal

I nearly missed seeing the Statue of Liberty from the deck of the QE2 while cruising into New York harbour years ago. I’d risen before 5am to see her and was excitedly waiting when cries of “Liberté ici!, Liberté ici!” from a...

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