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Poet Lemn Sissay talks to Northern Soul

‘We have to shout poetry from the rooftops, revolution is in poetry.’ I am sitting in Manchester’s Malmaison hotel bar, uncharacteristically early and very nervous. I’ve been on the train for two hours in order to slot in a half...

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The North-South Cultural Divide

Are you bored stiff of the national press’s attitude towards the North of England? Do you think that it pays scant attention to culture in this part of the world? Northern Soul asked leading artists, playwrights, poets,...

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Henry Normal’s Big Break

I’ve broken my arm. Not a great career move. I’d like to say I damaged it snowboarding in the Himalayas or kite-surfing at the Great Barrier Reef or freebasing the Chrysler Building in New York. But I did it falling...

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