Tag: Stephanie Alderson

A guide to Pokémon Go

Is your child chirping on about Charizard? Is your bezzie boasting about battles? Are your gal pals glued to their phones more than usual? They’re probably all playing Pokémon Go, the hit new game released in the UK last month....

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Review: PLAY it! Manchester

Flex your thumbs gamers, Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry’s celebration of more than 30 years of video gaming is back and this year there are even more games to play. After the success of last year’s...

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For the love of gaming

A warm, spring breeze lifts my hair as I crest the hill and, turning, wait for my friends to catch up. The valley stretches out below us, dotted with trees and boulders, and from this height I can see across to the lake at the...

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