When was the last time you and your partner enjoyed a break – just the two of you? If you can’t remember, it’s time to plan a date night!

See if you can escape for just an evening and enjoy some one on one time to keep that spark in the relationship! My hubby and I did this a few weeks ago for his birthday. We loaded the bags into the car and had the holy grail of date nights… a child-free night alone!

There’s something about going to a hotel that is special. It’s a combination of the sumptuous beds, being waited on and the fact that you don’t have to tidy up! I love staying in hotels but I also try to make my home as comfortable as possible, so I can have the feeling of hotel luxury every day. If you want to re-create that hotel feel at home, start with your bed. You want something nice and comfortable, so hunt down a bed bargain at Bedsos.

To compliment a nice bed, you need some lush, cosy bedding like a fluffy duvet and some comfortable covers. Yorkshire Linen’s duvet covers fit the bill – we have just picked up a plain white set for our daughter’s upcoming bedroom makeover. They also sell duvets, pillows and mattress toppers making it an easy one stop shop.

A date night at home wouldn’t be complete without a delicious home cooked meal followed by a tasty pudding. Here is a fantastic recipe for a toffee apple cheesecake you can make, and as it is slimming (yes, really!) you can save your naughtiness for the date night!

Whether you get out of the house for your evening or not, the most important thing when you are planning a date night is to ensure that you relax and enjoy it. Leave all conversation about the household or work at the door and really talk to your partner to reconnect.

By Nadine Hill


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