As a fan of the wholesome Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories on Netflix, I’m all for the feel of the Izakaya bars of Japan.

The ethos of Izakaya – an informal bar serving alcohol and snacks – is very much up my street. I prefer a honed-down selection of dishes done well, enjoyed in a place where no one outstays their welcome and you can get comfortable. With its many Chesterfields and unpretentious tables, Disorder in Manchester’s Northern Quarter is all about feeling comfortable.

With a new menu on offer, I wasn’t hanging around. I began with delicious confit chicken wings in honey and chilli sauce, and kimchi and orange bruschetta with whipped tofu. As I haven’t eaten in town for a while, perhaps soy marinated orange on sourdough is now a thing? Or maybe it’s just them doing it. Either way, it was a revelation, not to mention a meal on its own. Meanwhile, my son and heir had the smash burger and vegan Philly fries (loaded with smoked pulled shitake mushrooms). I helped him out with the fries as they were fit and tasted a bit like Quavers. 

The food is served in dishes which are easy to hold and are also throwaway packages, meaning that, on busy nights, a kitchen can run efficiently and a crowded bar can serve food easily. At Disorder, it feels like you could be there until four in the morning on Saturday and still skulk in on Sunday at 11.30am for something fizzy and something salty and they’d be kind to you. I agree with the proclamation on the website – it is ‘A Love Letter To Manchester’. Even Disorder’s homage to Manchester’s home-grown bands and Ian Curtis is low-key.

Disorder is a great Manchester venue making east Asian-influenced street food in Joy Division oven gloves.

By Cathy Crabb

All images courtesy of Disorder

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