How’s your Northern knowledge? With just a few hours until 2014 draws to a close, let’s see how much you can recall about the year. No prizes, just a lovely feeling of smugness when you get them all right (answers will be posted on Northern Soul tomorrow). No googling allowed….


1. Who said earlier this year that he wants the North to be a Northern Powerhouse?Tate Liverpool

2. Which direction does the Angel of the North face?

3. What blockbuster exhibition did Tate Liverpool open in November?

4. Which Northern city is home to the Magpies?

5. What was the most Northern point visited by the Tour de France in 2014?

6. Which Northern building won the 2014 Stirling Prize for architecture?

7. Which Northern art award was won by Rose Wylie with a picture called PV Windows and Floorboards?

8. Which pioneering independent record label, originally from the North, celebrated its 25th anniversary?

9. Who was awarded Regional Theatre of the Year by The Stage?Yorkshire Tour de France Wall

10. Where did the Open Golf Championships take place this year?

11. In which city do they speak with an accent that’s exceedingly rare? And if you want a Cathedral they’ve got one to spare?

12. Which manager of a North West football club is nicknamed the Ginger Mourinho?

13. What £78 million development was recently announced for the old Granada studios site in Manchester?

14. Which member of the North West band Doves released a solo album this year entitled Odludek?

15. In which Northern city was Lucozade invented?

16. What is the name of the world’s first ship to be powered by steam turbines that now Newcastle Quayside Bridgesresides in Newcastle’s Discovery Museum?

17. Which vampire animal faces St Nicholas Cathedral in Newcastle?

18. Who wrote the BBC1 drama Happy Valley, screened earlier this year?

19. What is the name of the new £25 million cultural complex opening in Manchester in 2015?

20. Where was the inaugural BBC 6Music festival held in January?

21. Which poet based in the North West has been made a Dame in the New Years Honours list?

22. Which Timperley icon has been the subject of films, books and documentaries in 2014?

23. Which Northern city has been chosen as the first English place to have devolution?

24. Which gallery was designed by David Chipperfield?

25. Which landmark North East building is located on the south bank of the Tyne?