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Small Talk: BikeRight!

March 1, 2015 Northern Soul writes... Comments Off on Small Talk: BikeRight!
Bike Right! Cycle for Life

Do you remember cycling round a playground, following the lines of a tennis court/netball court/football pitch after school and learning cycling proficiency?

Bike Right! Cycle for Life

Well, that’s one of the training courses on offer from the nationwide BikeRight! organisation.

Times may have changed and it may be called something else and offered to all ages, but times have also changed for professional drivers who now attend courses with BikeRight! as part of their Continual Professional Development and ongoing training.

If you’re a cyclist, how many times have you yelled at a driver of a vehicle for being too close to you?

As a driver, how many times have you cursed a cyclist for pulling out in front?

Bike Right! Cycle for LifeAs Sara Hughes discovered when she attended a Safe Urban Driving course at the Manchester base of BikeRight! you may be yelling for the wrong reasons.



By Sara Hughes


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