Is there anything more nostalgic than food?

From sitting at the family dining table and indulging in a tasty homemade Sunday roast to eating fish and chips doused in salt and vinegar and wrapped in paper on a trip to the seaside (usually accompanied by rain and dive-bombing seagulls), we’ve all got great memories related to our taste buds – and our bellies.

In a new series on Northern Soul, we look back at recipes and culinary delights from years gone by. Some conjure up images from our childhood, some make us laugh out loud (sausage beanfeast with pineapple, anyone?) and some seem downright bonkers.

The 20th century truly was a golden age for cookery books. We want your photos of these culinary classics. For a flavour of what we mean, check out these images from Northern Soul‘s Damon Fairclough. Can you do better? Get in touch on our social media – all links are on the right hand side of this page in those lovely red icons.

Helen Nugent, Editor of Northern Soul


Sausage Beanfeast, retro cookbook

Eggs Florentine, retro cookbook

Chicken aspic towers, retro cooking back