A new retrospective exhibition, Northern Lights – New Light, a 10-year retrospective, will be unveiled at Saul Hay Gallery in Manchester on March 26, 2022. A collaboration with the art charity New Light, it will celebrate the best of contemporary Northern art and Northern artists over the past decade.

All previous winners of the New Light prize, a significant monetary prize which enables artists to focus on their art, were invited to contribute. The exhibition will include artwork by 25 Northern artists including Nat Quinn, Josie Jenkins, Mandy Payne, Christopher Cook and 2020 winner Joanna Whittle, with a range of art to see and purchase including paintings, prints, ceramics and sculpture inspired by various themes from the familiar to raising awareness of devastating global issues.

Main image: Untitled (Orange) by Nat Quinn, winner of the first New Light Prize in 2011


Northern Lights – New Light, a 10-year retrospective will be at Saul Hay Gallery in Manchester from March 26 to April 17, 2022. For more information, click here.