First time I heard Kings of Leon was in 2004. The Bucket had been released as their first single off the album Aha Shake Heartbreak and it blew me away, with its raw power and unpolished energy. Of course, over the past few years they’ve become a lot MORE polished, with their slicker sound being heard on everything from snooker highlights and football compilations to TV talent shows. They’re also now playing colossal stadium gigs like this one, at the Phones 4u Arena in Manchester. Anyway, only permitted to shoot for the first three songs (well, songs two, three and four – the opening number was performed from behind a curtain), all I have for you is photographs. A good looking bunch of lads, I think you’ll agree…

Words and pics by Chris Payne

Kings of Leon 5

Kings of Leon 3

Kings of Leon 4

Kings of Leon 1

Kings of Leon 7

Kings of Leon 2

Kings of Leon 9