A new exhibition chronicles the changing face of Warrington amid the town’s fading industrial backdrop.

Pete Regan’s We’re All Alone in this Together is at Warrington Museum & Art Gallery until February 2024. The artist and photographer spent 18 months drawing inspiration from Warrington’s rich industrial heritage and, in particular, the closures of giants like Fiddler’s Ferry and Unilever where hundreds of people were once united through their work and shared sense of identity.

One of the common themes running through Regan’s work is an exploration of the connection between technological progress and isolation – the paradox in modern society where individuals can experience seclusion despite tools that allow ever growing interconnectedness.

Pete Regan

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Pete Regan: We’re All Alone in This Together is at Warrington Museum & Art Gallery until February 18, 2024. For more information, click here. 

Main image by Pete Regan