Riz Ahmed’s critically acclaimed album, The Long Goodbye Livestream Edition, takes a close-up look at the break-up of a toxic relationship with the country you call home. It blends storytelling, music, archive footage and immersive sound, guiding audiences through an emotional landscape, asking the question: ‘how did we get here?’

Manchester International Festival and Fuse, the latter being a platform focused on elevating the voices and work of creatives of colour, commissioned artists who work across photography, illustration and collage to create responses to the album. The artworks from the four Manchester-based creatives, Jaheed Hussain (also the mastermind behind Fuse), Urooj Ahmad, Saidul Choudhury and Grace Maisiri, range from symbolic and surrealist imagery of identity to visual representations of the real fear of racial attacks and the West’s appropriation of South Asian culture.

Main image: Grace Maisiri