The Everyman Manchester St. John’s is quite possibly the most high end, fancy cinema I have ever been to and will ever go to in my life. It’s nothing like the Odeon or VUE.

From the start, the experience felt like more than just a movie night. When I arrived, I meandered down a long white corridor decorated with quotes and carefully selected pieces of art until I got to what I was sure was the entrance of one of Manchester’s finest restaurants. I was transported back to reality when I was asked to show my tickets for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

As I stepped through the big black doors of the sold-out screen, I was instantly greeted by the atmosphere of a lively bar. The room was loud and filled with people who had come for a night out. Meanwhile, my partner and I were shown to the luxurious ‘couch’ we would be sharing, and a smile spread across my face as I nestled into the red, plush velvet cushions.

Design at everyman cinema. Credit: Jasmine Grimshaw.For the first time in my life (and hopefully not the last), a waiter handed me a menu as I sat in the cinema anticipating the start of the film. The menu was impressive and put my local VUE to shame. I was served a house special ‘pretty in pink’ cocktail while my partner chose the Everyman G+T. The make your own ice cream sundae was also a bit hit, and I wasn’t disappointed by my glass jar of chocolate ice cream topped with mini-marshmallows, honeycomb bites and Oreo pieces. 

The room itself was something out of a movie. With lights dimmed just enough so I could see my second cocktail discreetly placed by the staff, the cinema embodied a retro feel, the kind of cinema I imagined Marilyn Monroe at back in the day – a thought made vaguely real when I was handed a popcorn box with her face on it. It was so fancy that I took it home as souvenir of the evening.

Cocktails at everyman cinema. Credit: Jasmine Grimshaw.

A night at Everyman is more than a night at the flicks, and is highly recommended. 

Adult tickets cost an average of £15 – an extremely reasonable price for the experience.  

Words and images by Jasmine Grimshaw


Showtimes for movies currently at Everyman cinema, St. John’s Manchester are available via the website. Click here for more details.