Win a bottle of Witch Kings Rum.  

Gin and Tonic not doing it for you anymore? Looking to spice up your evening drink? Well, Witch Kings Rum, a Manchester-based rum liqueur start-up, is turning rum and gin enthusiasts’ heads across the country. Having launched online earlier this month, the rum brand has introduced three distinct and exciting editions of fresh fruit rum liqueur to the drinks market that are ideal for pairing with tonics, soda and other mixers.

Each bottle of rum is infused with 200 grams of fresh fruit and artfully combined with award-winning pure single rum from Ninefold Distillery. All bottles retail at £25 and are available to purchase on the company’s website

The brand’s unique story is integral to its goal of taking customers on a journey of spirit, adventure and flavour discovery. In the lore created by Witch Kings Rum’s co-founders Maxi Bradbury and Brandon Bissell, the Witch Kings, an ethereal race of beings from an unspoiled parallel realm, use their ancient magic to infuse the finest white rum with the bounteous fruits of their paradise. The leader of the Witch Kings, Elisa Amara, and her alchemists, toiled through time to create these three gloriously fantastical concepts of rum: Fires of the Wild, Bohemian Dreams and Sunset Solstice.

Witch Kings Rum - Bohemian Dreams, All Fruit, Smoke (1)Fires of the Wild combines succulent strawberry, fiery chilli and sharp lemon to create an unexpectedly sweet drink with a kick which can be enjoyed with tonic water, lemonade or simply drunk neat on ice. Bohemian Dreams blends tangy pineapple flavours with sweet blueberry and subtle mint, refreshing your pallet and satisfying that urge for sweetness. To get the most out of the liqueur, pair with a light tonic and garnish with mint. Meanwhile, Sunset Solstice is a drink best enjoyed by the warmth of the hearth on a cold winter’s evening. Syrupy peach flavours bid adieu to the setting sun, while potent ginger and zesty sour lime ignite your senses, preparing you for the revelry yet to come. This drink is best served with a botanical tonic water or a delicate ginger beer.

All three editions are ABV 20 per cent and are presented in a rustic 500ml glass bottle with the branding boasting Witch Kings Rum’s beautifully designed logo from graffiti artist, illustrator and designer Harriet Wood and label design from graphic designer Connan Henry-Madden of Manchester cocktail bar, Speak In Code. Working with other creatives is at the heart Witch Kings; Maxi and Brandon have plans to build a collaborative community where rum crosses into art, music and performance.

Witch Kings Rum - Fires of the Wild, All Fruit, Smoke (1)The competition

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