In May’s edition of Chef Tony’s Wine Club, our resident chef, gastronome and purveyor of fine wines casts his expert eye over two bottles from Lidl’s new wine range, launched at Easter.

Featuring 38 wines, the collection spans Europe’s top wine regions, including Italy, France and Spain. From rich and characterful reds to easy-drinking whites, the collection offers some truly tasty tipples. As the months progress, Chef Tony will continue to bring you his pick of wines from supermarkets, independent retailers and wine clubs.

Chef Tony says: You don’t have to pay the earth to find good wine.

 Vigneti del sole veneto rosso 2014 Lidl £6.99Vigneti del Sole Veneto Rosso 2014, Lidl, £6.99

This is a delicious wine with enough depth to keep you interested once it’s been allowed to breathe a little. An easy drinking everyday wine from the north of Italy, it’s great with pizza, pasta and tomato-based risotto. Medium bodied with hints of cherry, at this price it’s hard to beat. 

Le Grand Sorbier Mâcon-Villages 2015 Chardonnay Lidl, £7.99

A dry white wine with hints of citrus and apples, it can be drunk on its own. But to release its true potential I’d match it with simple grilled salmon, fresh shellfish, dressed crab or moules marinières.

Chef Tony’s verdict: These are both fantastic wines with unbeatable value. It might be worth visiting your local store because they are on a once-they’re-gone-they’re-gone deal.

By Chef Tony

Main image by Chris Payne


Chef Tony is a gastronome with 17 years of experience cooking across the North West. Chef Tony has worked in some of the region’s best kitchens, including the award-winning Nutters in Rochdale and The Lowry at Salford Quays.