Are you interested in cycling in the North of England? Well then, the good folk at Northern Soul have started a virtual Cycling Club.

Northern Soul‘s readership continues to grow exponentially. Our website covers everything Northern and, as we already know, us Northerners are mad for the bike. The success of the Riding the North blog is a testament to this success. To celebrate we are starting our own virtual Cycling Club.

This club is the Riding the North Strava Club. The club will enable those who are interested in ‘Riding the North’ to share their love for travelling around this part of the world on two wheels.

The club will allow us to share our favourite rides, to log our progress and to make posts and comment on each other’s activity.

Unlike most other clubs on Strava this club will be focused on a geographic area. Membership is open to everyone. All you need is an interest in the North of England. Perhaps you live here, ride here often, have friends in the area or even plan to visit. The club will be THE place to get your riding information about the North supplied by those who ‘Ride the North’. Our column will continue to showcase the best of the North.

Andy Groves, Northern Soul’s cycling guru, will select the most interesting rides and bring your comments into his posts. He will review some of the routes and they will appear in the blog. You never know, you may even get the chance to join him on the ride and feature on the site.

To join the Club and contribute to the fun all you need to do is download the Strava app to your smartphone and join up. You will determine the direction in which we take the Club so get involved, ride your bike and get in touch. Let’s see where it takes us!

By Andy Groves


To upload Strava to your smartphone, click here: Strava. And this is the Riding the North Club.

You can email Andy. You can also add comments to the group page. He may well ride your routes and review them. You could even join him on the ride!

You can also follow Andy via twitter and instagram @riding_north or by email at