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GinnelWatch: Northern Soul’s Best Ginnels of 2017

December 28, 2017 GinnelWatch, Northern Soul writes... Comments Off on GinnelWatch: Northern Soul’s Best Ginnels of 2017
Ginnel Manchester Rikki Chan

We love a good ginnel at Northern Soul. But, depending on where you’re from, there are all sorts of words for what essentially amounts to an alleyway, including jennel, snicket, vennel, gennel, jitty and jetty.

Our lovely readers seem to agree that there’s nothing better than a good ginnel and have been sharing their brilliant snaps in droves. From Chester and Manchester, to the Cotswolds and Edinburgh, we’ve had a host of gorgeous ginnels – we’ve even shared images from as far-flung as France. It’s been tough to pick our favourite images from each week’s submissions, but we’ve compiled our top picks into a ginneltastic gallery. We’ve even managed to select an overall winner from photographer Rikki Chan – an extremely colourful urban ginnel in Manchester. So, here they are – Northern Soul‘s Best Ginnels of 2017.

If you have a favourite ginnel, please share it with us. You can do this via our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram pages and your snaps will be featured on our weekly ginnel photo gallery. What are you waiting for? Get those cameras out and #ShowUsYourGinnels.

(Main image and winner: Manchester ginnel by Rikki Chan)

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