I have a confession. When I visited Gravity Active in Warrington, I failed to make it to the Pillar of Glory. That accolade (a game of darts, in case you were wondering) was scooped by my 11-year-old niece and her pal (um, also 11). 

Playing darts at Gravity Warrington. Credit: Northern Soul.

Obviously I’m no Eric Bristow (my niece: who?) but, come on! Beaten by a pair of 11-year-olds. Oh, the shame. Thankfully I wasn’t in competition with them when it came to trampolining. I know my limits, and bouncing, jumping and hopping are no longer in my repertoire. But Scout and Izzy embraced Gravity’s ‘open jump’ with gusto. I contented myself with looking after the slushies, dispensed from what can only be described as The Mother of all Slushy Machines. Needless to say, with its unlimited top-ups and variety of flavours, it was a big hit.

Image courtesy of Gravity

While the number of trampolines seemed somewhat fewer than other places I’ve been to (with my niece, natch), it was all good fun. There were inflatables too, on an upper floor reached by a popular activity which involved climbing up netting, but not all of them were working on the day we visited. 

Image courtesy of Gravity

The youngsters filled their foodie boots at Gravity‘s café and left feeling replete and ready for a slouch on the sofa. I, meanwhile, departed with a Christmas request for a dartboard and, as I later found out, a fine from Warrington Borough Council for driving in a bus lane. My advice? Ignore Sat Nav. It will lead you astray.

By Helen Nugent, Editor of Northern Soul

Main image courtesy of Gravity  


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