Creative Gift Ideas To Celebrate A Newborn Baby

Written by Nadine Hill


The occasion of a birth is a happy announcement and once you know what sex the new arrival is, you can easily find an appropriate baby outfit as a gift, but what if you want to do something a little different than an outfit or flowers? To help you find something that no-one else will think of, here are a few creative gift ideas to celebrate a newborn baby.


For their cute toes!

New baby hosiery brand Petites Pattes has this adorable gift set that is perfect for a couple’s first baby. In the box is a trio of designer socks; one for mummy, one for daddy and the last for the new baby. If this reminds you a bit of Goldilocks, it is! So enjoy the fairy tale of this cute idea and enjoy the little face design! They also do some baby gift sets which have 3 pairs of the sweetest baby socks presented in an elegant gift box. Pictured left is the Family Pack Giftbox “Mixed Emotions” priced at £20 and pictured right is the 3 pair set priced at £12.
Both sets are available from, Liberty’s and Fenwick’s.

Children’s tableware

Another fairy tale inspired gift is a ceramic tableware gift set from modern children’s lifestyle brand Ana-Moly. Don’t let the thought of buying ceramic for babies fool you – this brand is designed and created in the UK using local earthenware clay – the strongest material possible and hand decorated in Stoke-on-Trent. Whilst the gift set is suitable for toddlers, the gifts are lovely enough to make an unusual baby present that the parents can save until junior starts weaning. These products also reminded me of Goldilocks and her porridge but there’s nothing twee about this set – it’s modern led design all the way! The Robin Buttersun Giftset pictured costs £38 and features a mug and ceramic bowl from

Date Night In

Unique gift company Don’t Buy Her Flowers brings together a host of gift ideas for all occasions as an antidote to the traditional floral bouquet. However lovely flowers are, sometimes you just want to do something a bit different and these gift sets will show that you’ve put a lot of thought into your offering. Perfect for the occasion of a newborn baby, this date night gift set is a lovely idea for mum and dad – to pamper them a little especially as they’ll have plenty of long nights in at home ahead of them. The new baby will get plenty of gifts from well wishes so this is something just for them! The Date Night In kit costs from £29.50 from

Personalised jewellery

Jewellery makes an attractive gift for any occasion and if you have a stylish new mum in your life, she’ll love this personalised open disc bracelet from Merci Maman. The bracelet can be engraved with the child’s name and date of birth to make a timeless gift that she can wear constantly and treasure forever! The design pictured is the Mother’s Personalised 18K Gold Plated Eternity Bracelet costing £39 but there are many styles to choose from at