“A world without live music feels like living in a house with no windows. Live music is uplifting, it’s nourishing, it’s social glue. It’s well and truly missed by me.” – Rob Young, musician

According to the Music Venues Trust, more than 550 grassroots music venues remain under immediate threat of closure, representing the potential permanent loss of over 5,000 jobs, over 100,000 concerts, over 300,000 performances by musicians, and over 1 million temporary employment opportunities for gig economy workers.

Front of House is an evolving photographic series and resulting online exhibition by Marge Bradshaw, an emerging documentary and social photographer based in Bolton. The project aims to raise awareness of the scale and impact of this situation and support musicians’ work. “As someone who works in culture, music and events photography, I know the devastating outcomes faced by musicians, production and touring crews as well as everyone who relies on the grassroots sector,” says Bradshaw.

The personal stories of each musician can be found alongside each portrait as well as links to their work and projects. Take a read, give them a follow and show your support.

All photographs were taken working within COVID-19 restrictions using social distancing.

Please get in touch with Marge Bradshaw if you’d like to be involved in the series. She is particularly interested in photographing those who are under-represented in the current gallery, especially women and people of colour.