In 1973, June Street in Salford was an archetypal northern terraced street used for exterior shots on Coronation Street. The portraits of the street’s residents, taken by the now-renowned photographers Daniel Meadows and Martin Parr when they were students at Manchester Polytechnic, have come to represent 1970s working class life in the North of England.

Taken at a time when the state of housing in Salford was seen as a local disgrace, they captured the community shortly before the street was demolished and the residents moved into new high-rise developments. The images featured in the recent Lived-In Rooms exhibition and were shown alongside newly commissioned portraits by photographer and acting head of media at Manchester Metropolitan University, Gavin Parry. His photos depicted the residents of a new estate of modular terraced houses in Irwell Riverside, Salford.

The exhibition was curated with the help of Manchester Art Gallery and followed on from the gallery’s recent exhibition Martin Parr: Return to Manchester.