Savage Ink looks at the development of the cartoon as an important form of visual protest and its often cruel and controversial imagery.

This upcoming exhibition at the People’s History Museum in Manchester charts the cartoon from its pioneers and innovators, right through to those artists currently working in graphic novels, comic books and newspapers who are keeping the tradition of pictorial satire alive. Savage Ink highlights the museum’s extensive collection of political cartoons (including works by William Hogarth, James Gillray, Gertrude Elias, Steve Bell and Peter Fluck). The exhibition is also an opportunity to see the museum’s most recent acquisitions, many on display for the first time, alongside the work of some of the most exciting contemporary cartoonists.


Savage Ink: The Cartoon & The Caricature is on at People’s History Museum in Manchester from September 16, 2017 until May 13, 2018.