Does walking into a fairy tale sound right up your street? Are you interested in art with a mythical quality? A new site-specific work by artist Susie MacMurray, including thousands of individual elements of red velvet and barbed wire, will be suspended in Tatton Park’s grand rotunda. 

MacMurray’s work often reflects on the nature of memories, mortality, loss and our physical bodies. Gathering is in part a response to her husband’s death from cancer, and the many elements that make up the work have been made by MacMurray in collaboration with volunteers from East Cheshire Hospice. Think crimson silk velvet combined with reclaimed military barbed wire sewn into thousands of uneven spheres and impaled by a sliver of wire. Dreamy, ethereal and dangerous.

Main image: Medusa, Susie MacMurray, Gathering 


Susie MacMurray’s Gathering will be at Tatton Park from June 28 until October 6, 2019.