Win a pair of tickets to see Bond and The Hallé in Immersive Cinematic Experience in Harrogate. 

Harrogate International Festivals presents Casino Royale in Concert on May 30 with the full force of The Hallé Orchestra performing live, and in full, the movie’s soundtrack. The live score is synchronised to the on-screen action including the exciting chase sequences, the iconic Bond theme, and the opening credits featuring the title song, You Know My Name.

Ben Palmer, conductor of The Hallé who specialises in conducting to live film, said: “Seeing a movie on the big screen is always a fantastic experience. Add to that hearing the film soundtrack played live, and it becomes thrilling and, very often, pretty overwhelming. It’s hard to put your finger on, but there’s something about seeing and hearing the soundtrack being created in the moment, that, when combined with the action on screen, is very moving.”

Casino Royal rebooted the Bond franchise. Released in 2006, it became the highest grossing film in the series’ history. It also marked Daniel Craig’s first appearance as the legendary MI6 operative.

Casino Royal in ConcertPalmer said: “Almost all the music needs to be perfectly synchronised with the action on-screen. We spend a lot of time balancing the orchestra against the dialogue, to give a kind of turbo-charged cinematic experience for the audience – it’s very exciting.”

Casino Royale brings us Bond at the start of his career, having just earned 00 status and his licence to kill. The music is enhanced by stunning locations, from the jungles of Madagascar to the white sand beaches of the Bahamas, and the jaw-dropping finale on the Grand Canal in Venice. It stars Eva Green as Vesper Lynd and Judi Dench as M.

Palmer said the iconic Bond theme is ‘the coolest bit of movie music ever written’: “It’s wonderful for us on stage to hear spontaneous laughter and applause, or a collective gasp at a sudden shock. But it’s when we finish playing the music for the end credits that usually gets the biggest reaction, which often is a huge standing ovation. It’s a very immersive and emotional experience, and the audience can’t help but get swept along with it.”

He added: “Everything about the movie becomes alive, spontaneous and thrilling, because you can see a huge orchestra in front of you playing their hearts out. And, if you’ve never heard a live orchestra before, it’s the perfect way to experience it for the first time.”

Casino Royal in ConcertThe competition

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Casino Royale in Concert, May 30, Harrogate Convention Centre, 7pm Tickets from £30. Box Office: 01423 562 303 or online