Do you ever look back at photographs from your teenage years? What do you think? Do you question your taste in clothes? Do you laugh at fond memories? A new photographic exhibition by Anita Corbin is reuniting women with their adolescent selves. This collection of images to be displayed at The Civic, Barnsley reveals how we feel about, and reflect upon, our identity and society at the various stages in our lives.
The exhibition will consist of images taken by Corbin in the 1980s of pairs of teenage girls identifying with various subcultures. These pictures are exhibited with new images of the same women 35 years on. The exhibition provokes discussion on ‘social tribes’, the power of belonging and belief, the imagery of cultural allegiance, gender and identity.

The images toured the country to great acclaim in the 1980s and beyond and Corbin found herself wondering what had happened those girls – who would also now be in their 50s – and their dreams, hopes and aspirations. As a result, Visible Girls Revisited was born, a growing collection of double portraits of the same girls – now women – 36 years later.

Visible Girls: Revisited, The lives, tribes and spirit of British Women A photographic exhibition by Anita Corbin is at The Civic until August 31, 2019.