Mischief Theatre is on the road again with another smashing success. The Comedy About A Bank Robbery, which is entering its third year in the West End, is on tour and stopped recently at The Lowry in Salford.

If you’re a fan of Mel Brooks and looking for a night of side-splitting night of theatre, this could be just the ticket. Northern Soul met Julia Frith, who plays Caprice Freeboys, to discuss this high-wire and anarchic comedy tale.

Northern Soul: Talk us through your background and how you started working with Mischief.

Julia Frith: My family has always had a keen interest in showbusiness. I come from a line of puppeteers. My grandfather was an executive producer for Jim Jensen Productions and my grandmother was an actress, in her own right, who played the right hand of Yoda. My father is a musician and painter and my mum is a singer and actress.

The Comedy About A Bank RobberyNS: What attracted you to the role of Caprice?

JF: I came over from the States to study at Rose Bruford College in 2016. In my second year, as part of my research into London’s theatre scene, I decided to go out and watch some shows. I saw Peter Pan Goes Wrong and The Play That Goes Wrong in the West End and was blown away. I loved the strong female characters and how physical the roles were.

I have a background in physical theatre, circus skills, aerial work and have undertaken diving and professional mermaiding for parts. I knew I wanted to work with Mischief and sent in a hopeful letter enquiring about auditions.

This is my first professional show ever, I don’t graduate until next Friday.

NS: What’s the premise of the play?

JF: The play takes place in the late 50s in Minneapolis. An escaped convict is dead set on pocketing the gem with the help of Caprice, his girlfriend, played by me, and the maintenance man. The production is full of mistaken identities, love triangles and hidden agendas. It’s a real mish-mash of love, drama, comedy and tears. If you like physical, witty word play and enjoy the Marx brothers and Monty Python, this is the one for you. It’s such a hilarious comedy and never takes itself too seriously – until it does.

The Comedy About A Bank RobberyNS: Why do you think it’s been such a smash hit?

JF: There’s something for everybody. You can’t help but enjoy yourself. I love the idea of an audience full of strangers, getting together and finding joy as a collective. You’ll laugh your pants off. It’s got everything – comedy, spellbinding physical aerial work and an amazing set design. Mischief blows apart the fundamental acting skills you usually learn in school. The acrobatic acting blows your mind, it’s a real spectacle.

NS: What type of comedy fans would enjoy it?

JF: If you like Fawlty Towers, A Fish Called Wanda or Blazing Saddles this is for you.

By Rachael Richards 


The Comedy About A Bank RobberyThe Comedy About a Bank Robbery is on tour. For more information, click here