As the world tries to make sense of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, many artists, writers and musicians are continuing to create meaningful work. And more novice creatives are finding solace in the arts. For some, it’s a means of escapism or a way to sate the boredom of being at home. For others, it’s a way to capture a unique and challenging period in our collective history.

The Quarantine Paintings, a collection of new abstracts by Yorkshire artist Schoph, is currently being exhibited at RedHouse Originals in Harrogate. The paintings were created at Hirst Priory Studio, Lincolnshire, between the months of March and August 2020.

For Schoph, who usually divides his time between studios in Costa Mesa, CA and South Yorkshire, lockdown (or ‘quarantine’) has marked the longest period he has lived and worked in one place. The result? Ten new paintings, which are the artist’s largest and most involved to date. The Quarantine Paintings document a range of emotions, including complex and universal themes.

Each canvas is filled with a sense of fluidity and movement, a result of the ‘action painting’ technique also favoured by Jackson Pollock, Joan Mitchell and Willem de Kooning. Music is another huge influence on Schoph’s work with the rhythm of the paint application often a direct response to the soundtrack of the studio. Vintage Bob Dylan and Black Sabbath were on particularly heavy rotation during lockdown. For the first time, each painting also has a date embedded to document completion and chronology.  

Main image: Schoph, Quarantine Paintings, Hirst Priory Studio 

Quarantine Paintings_Social Square_2


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A stellar line-up of modern and contemporary artists will complement the exhibition, including Tracey EminDamien HirstDavid HockneyHenri MatisseKAWSKeith Haring and Andy Warhol.

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