Henry Normal, co-writer of award-winning TV and film shows such as The Royle Family, The Mrs Merton Show, The Parole Officer, Coogan’s Run, Paul Calf, and producer of Gavin and Stacey, Moone Boy, Uncle and Alan Partridge, among many others, has written four Brexit-themed poems exclusively for Northern Soul. They are called Brexit Trilogy (taking into account inflation). Here’s the third one. 

I made a decision a while back
People keep telling me why
I still don’t quite know why
I didn’t have enough information back then
I’m not sure I have enough now
People tell me 
I can’t have the chance to reconsider
That would be against my best interests
So for my own good
they want to spare me 
from having to think about it
Like I’ve not been thinking about it ever since
I’m not sure 
how interested I was back then
how strong my feelings were
People tell me they were strong
but I’m not sure how they know
Maybe I could have flipped a coin
I know there are consequences
either way
I know this affects other people
To be fair
It wasn’t the first time 
I had to make this decision
The first time 
no-one told me
I’d have to consider it again
How long does it have to be
between each decision ?
Who decides ?
There’s other decisions 
I have to make regularly
say every five years
Though one decision 
I remember being asked
twice within the same year
Everyone’s saying
the people who disagree with them
are wrong
and against the proper way to make a decision
Now I have to decide who to believe
but still nobody is asking me
what I feel, what I think or what I want now
They say that would be an insult
to me
and my intelligence 
They’ve decided that
Not me

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