New Lines in Space, a solo exhibition by artist Colin Taylor, is being held in the heart of Manchester at the independent gallery Contemporary Six. The show features a collective series of paintings combining architecture and abstraction, inspired by a newly-constructed building in the Spinningfields area.

The exhibition was initiated when Taylor was commissioned by the architecture firm SimpsonHaugh to document the build of No.1 Spinningfields to mark the 30th anniversary of the practice. Rather than using the traditional method of digital photography to record the building’s evolution, Taylor created a series of unique paintings to produce an innovative interpretation of the two-year process. Born in the East Midlands, Taylor studied art and drama at Trent Polytechnic, Nottingham in the mid-1980s following which he taught 20th Century Art History at a local FE College. In 1987, he relocated to Manchester, worked for The Guardian and the Manchester Evening News and then for an advertising agency.

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