Northern Soul is recruiting!


Sales & Marketing Manager

I am the Editor of an arts-based website based in Manchester which celebrates the North of England.
Now that Northern Soul ( is three years old, we are seeking to monetise the site and make it self-financing. We have started accepting advertising and editorial packages and are also looking to sign up longer term sponsors for the site, as well as partner with organisations on upcoming projects such as The Northern Soul Poetry Prize.
The team is 60-strong now (comprising leading journalists, photographers and multimedia specialists) and we cover the whole of the North of England. Articles include interviews with well-known figures (previous interviewees include Melvyn Bragg, Daniel Radcliffe, Jane Smiley, Johnny Marr and Russell T Davies), reviews of major cultural events, restaurants and gigs, editorial from national journalists, a monthly podcast and much, much more.
I am looking to recruit a Sales & Marketing specialist. At the start, this will be commission-only (but the percentage of the commission will reflect the initial lack of a basic salary). The terms are very flexible. I would require a minimum of a day’s work a week but these hours could be done at the employee’s own convenience and would be done from home – so it would most likely suit a freelancer looking to supplement an existing salary. If the role goes well, I would be seeking to make this a permanent position with a basic salary plus commission.
Location is not important but it would be helpful if you were based in the North of England. Our strongest readership is in Manchester but we are putting on readers across the North every day and are very well read in London and overseas. Excellent contacts within the arts is desirable as the successful applicant would need to liaise closely with potential sponsors and advertisers.
Over the past year alone, our readership has grown by more than 200 per cent – and that’s without any advertising, promotion or money to speak of. We’re excited to think about what we could achieve with help from the right person.
If you are interested in talking further about this role, please email me at
Helen Nugent
Editor of Northern Soul