A new solo exhibition, Lazy Gazes, Tense Edges by artist Nancy Collantine (who also happens to be one of Northern Soul’s writers), is showcasing at The World of Glass in St Helens.

Collantine offers a fresh display of modern art with her metaphor of a window. Whether we are inside looking out, or outside looking in, Collantine’s paintings and installations, encased in margins, edges and frames, offer a patchwork of possibilities. At first, her windows offer up pale skies and atmospheric conditions, before moving into the landscape of the paintings, each held in its own horizon and grid.

Collantine says: “I wondered why I was so attached to the edges. Not only did they provide a frame and a tension to work to and against, I began to understand why they are there – for they frame our gaze, which is what we focus on and give life to. We could be looking through a screen or a window, into memory or towards the horizon, whatever it is, there is always another reality, the present, happening in the margins.”

final-social-promoemail-2-768x768Lazy Gazes, Tense Edges by Nancy Collantine is at The World of Glass in St Helens until November 5, 2021. Free entry. Open Monday–Saturday 10am-5pm. For more information, click here