The most spectacular surviving manuscript from Anglo-Saxon England will go on display in the North East in 2022.

The Lindisfarne Gospels, on loan from the British Library, will feature in a high profile exhibition at the Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle, with a supporting exhibition at neighbouring Newcastle City Library. This is the fifth time since 1987 that the Lindisfarne Gospels has been shown in the North East. In 2013, the manuscript was the focus of an exhibition at Durham University which attracted nearly 100,000 visitors. The manuscript has also been to the Laing Art Gallery twice before, in 1996 and 2000.  

To celebrate the Gospels going on display, venues across the North East will be invited to host supporting events and there will be an accompanying programme of activities for community groups and schools, as well as a high profile artist commission to reimagine the Gospels for a 21st century audience.  

Main image: Spine of Lindisfarne Gospels c 700 Cotton MS Nero D IV c. British Library Board

For more information, visit the Laing Art Gallery website