How’s your Northern knowledge? Let’s see how much you can recall about 2015 – and test your Northern know-how at the same time. No prizes, just a lovely feeling of smugness when you get them all right (answers are at the bottom…)

  1. Which ‘monster’ Hollywood film released in 2015 was filmed in and around Manchester Town Hall?
  2. Which Northern football team narrowly avoided regulation from the Premiership back in May?
  3. HOME by Chris PayneIn what month did HOME, the new arts centre in Manchester, open?
  4. What does a ‘Wigan Kebab’ consist of?
  5. Which Northern town is home to the Clarets?
  6. Which Northern institution won the Art Fund Prize for 2015 Museum of the Year?
  7. Who won the New Light Prize with her Sheffield painting Broken Brutalism?
  8. In which city was Vimto invented in 1908?
  9. Which city is home to the North’s first ‘cat café’
  10. Who stars in the second series of Manchester drama Prey?
  11. Which Yorkshire poet published a book called Walking Away earlier this year?
  12. Tate LiverpoolWho is the Minister for the Northern Powerhouse?
  13. Which Northern city won its first Michelin star this year? (a bonus point for the name of the restaurant)
  14. Which American painter was the subject of a major exhibition at Tate Liverpool during the Summer?
  15. Which author won the 2015 Bad Sex Award for his debut novel?
  16. Which Burnley-born Knight led the 2015 Manchester Pride Parade?
  17. Where is the UK’s premier documentary festival held each year?
  18. Who died in January after appearing in Coronation Street for more than 40 years?
  19. Who headlined the Leeds Festival this year? (bonus point for naming all three headliners)
  20. During the Summer, which politician called Conservative plans for a Northern Powerhouse a “cruel deception”?
  21. Which football manager stormed out of a press conference earlier this month?
  22. Bronte Parsonage MuseumWhich comedian spent the night in his Range Rover after being caught in floods in Cumbria?
  23. Where did Nadiya Hussain, the 2015 winner of The Great British Bake Off, live during the filming of the show? (her actual home, not the tent…)
  24. Where is the oldest free public reference library in the country and what is it called?
  25. Where is the Brontë Parsonage Museum? (bonus point if you know what the Brontë family’s original surname was – the father Patrick changed it)



  1. Victor Frankenstein
  2. Newcastle United
  3. May
  4. A pie and a bap/muffin/bread roll
  5. Burnley
  6. The Whitworth, Manchester
  7. Mandy Payne Mandy Payne - Broken Brutalism
  8. Manchester
  9. Newcastle
  10. Philip Glenister
  11. Simon Armitage
  12. James Wharton
  13. Newcastle (House of Tides)
  14. Jackson Pollock
  15. Morrissey
  16. Sir Ian McKellen
  17. Sheffield
  18. Anne Kirkbride
  19. Metallica (and Mumford & Sons, The Libertines)
  20. Jeremy Corbyn
  21. Chetham's LibraryLouis van Gaal
  22. Steve Coogan
  23. Leeds
  24. Chetham’s, Manchester
  25. Haworth, Yorkshire (Brunty)