We love a good ginnel at Northern Soul. But, depending on where you’re from, there are all sorts of words for what essentially amounts to an alleyway, including jennel, snicket, vennel, gennel, jitty, jetty and our new favourite…a weind.

So, if you have a favourite ginnel, please share it with us. You can do this via our TwitterFacebook or Instagram pages and your snaps will be featured on our weekly ginnel photo gallery.

This week, we’ve got some fab images from the city streets of Thailand to the sunny shores of Capri. There’s also snaps from Stockport, Southport, Halifax, Cumbria, Shrewsbury, St Ives and even Pompeii.  Mint. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get those cameras out and #ShowUsYourGinnels. Whether you’re on holiday in an exotic location or just roaming your local town, we want to see your snaps. 

(Main image: Clitheroe ginnel by Jane Emanuel)