A gallery in a ginnel? Yes please!

The Back Gallery is a collection of artworks displayed in the alleys between Stamford Street and Albion Street, and Albion Street and Premier Street, both behind Ayres Road. The brainchild of OT Creative Space, the gallery currently displays 125 works of art submitted by 80 artists – a mix of professional artists and local residents of all ages – curated into 13 different collections across the alleys.

The works on display in the Back Gallery have been printed onto vinyl and mounted on the brick walls of the back alleys. The original artworks – some of which are on display in the window of OT Creative Space on Ayres Road – feature a wide range of styles and mediums, including watercolours, prints, acrylic on canvas, digital art, photography, embroidery and even cardboard sculptures.

For gallery viewers who are inspired to get creative, there are free, family friendly art workshops held in the Back Gallery on the first Saturday of every month, with the chance of the art created during the sessions being displayed in the gallery. 

Details about what art work is being displayed and where to find them is available online, as well as how you can get involved with the art classes. Please click here for more information.