Looking for a simple craft project you can do with the kids or by yourself this summer? Here’s something you can complete in minutes: quick and easy bunting.

The family and I are going to Camp Bestival again this summer and bunting is one of those things that festival-goers often take with them to dress up their tent or campervan. If you’re not going to a festival then bunting makes a cute decoration for the home. Also, if you’re looking for tips on how to create a family festival in the garden then check out my post about having a festival at home.

I recently worked with Supersavvyme UK on a project where they filmed me making bunting. Check out my video tutorial below for easy-to-follow instructions.

There are just a few tools you’ll need:

  • Craft card in your chosen colours
  • Scissors
  • A ruler and pencil
  • Ribbon or twine
  • Sticky tape and Washi tape for decoration


  • First, make a template for your bunting flags. You can download the image below as a guide.

Bunting Template

  • Then, cut out the template and use this to draw around to form your bunting flags. Decide which colours you’re going to choose for your bunting and cut out an equal amount of flags in those colours
  • Take your ribbon or twine and cut a strip to the desired length
  • Then place the ribbon on top of your bunting flag and fold over the flap at the top and stick in place with tape. See the video above for how I do this
  • Once all the flags are attached, you can further personalise your bunting by applying washi tape or sticking on gems to the flags to create a fun pattern
  • Hang your bunting with pride! It is an easy project that looks really effective and is perfect for a festival or for a child’s birthday party

Buckets of Washi TapeIf you’re going to Camp Bestival this year then a fellow blogger, Michelle, has pulled together some tips for newbies, featuring one of my tips. You can read her post here and another bloggy friend Viv has published a post to highlight some of the festival essentials that could be easily overlooked when you are busy packing. See what you can take and make here.

By Nadine Hill


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