The RNCM is having a big year: 40 free concerts to celebrate its 40th anniversary, an awesome Beethoven festival and a catalogue of events at its home on Oxford Road and around the city.

Last week this music school par excellence staged a thrilling interactive (free) performance called Beethoven Remix at 9.45pm in St Ann’s Square. This is what happened: the Leos Strings (RNCM students Rachel Shakespeare, Michael Jones, Simmy Singh and Ali Vennart) sat in the square playing the familiar Ode to Joy theme from Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, with their instruments linked to a giant projected screen which employed Microsoft Kinect technology. Using different movements, a professional dancer (Trixabelle Bold) surprised the crowd by manipulating and remixing the music live. Quartet and dancer then performed together.

If you missed this bold re-imagining of one of the world’s most famous pieces of music, check out the video. Applause, applause, applause….

RNCM Beethoven Remix


Article by Helen Nugent


What: RNCM Beethoven Remix

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