Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu once said “A journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one’s feet” – revised in modern times to “the first step”.  My journey began with my first breath and I am still on it. Every trans-man & woman’s story is different but we share such common bonds and goals. I cannot help but listen to the tales of joy and woe from brothers and sisters and feel deep admiration, empathy and respect.

As a veteran of 11 Sparkles I can say without a doubt that I feel part of such a wonderful community with a diversity that truly inspires. Yet again I came away with new friends, one very high profile and others, who like me are not so much in the public spotlight.

Our village is a family like no place on earth. We can walk down Canal Street and not feel intimidated or bruised through insult, self-aware or gawped-at by inquisitors. You are a person and unless I am mistaken, if we prick our fingers, do we not bleed red?

As a fledgling-transitioning M2F I am proud to be me and honoured to share my thoughts and views with others.  My medical process started on December 9, 2014 and my transition from Andrew to Emma was January 5, 2015. I see this as a moment to celebrate, in monarchy terms ‘my unofficial birthday’. But I do not intend to bore you with my life story, moreover this will be a column for discovery of the good and not so that I come across.  For example, why have cracks in the pavement become my worst nightmare?

How on earth do I navigate a quicker route to the toilet and sidestep the conveyor belt of waiting girls? I now need a handbag the size of an industrial skip just to survive the day but couple of coat pockets will be enough for a bloke! It is now a practical necessity to write lists, I only needed my brain before!

The difference between the male and female world is staggering. I now have doors held open for me, even if ‘clocked’. Men are far less aggressive toward me now and I find women look me up and down every second of the day. When joining a queue, men will allow me to go first but other women just join the line without a thought. Women often ask if they can offer you a compliment “can I just say that your eyes are gorgeous” – whereas men just say it “your eyes are gorgeous love”.

I feel certain that a F2M transsexual will see different opportunities and conversely issues. I intend to find out. I do not know if I will write comedy or sadness but I intend to entertain. I wonder what I will write next. My views are my own and you may have a different perspective. I welcome any comments from all society.

By Emma-Jane Preston


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