When friends Marie Grant, Jane Thomson and Liz Gregory went for a night out in their home town of Prestwich, they came home disappointed with the dance floor offering, and with a clear resolution to do something about it.  

Friends since school and having grown up in the days of the Haçienda and great dance music, they set about creating a city-credible club night for people to enjoy without having the bother of long queues in Manchester for a taxi home. 

The trio wanted the kind of night that embraces new and exciting music, inspired by house and disco collectables of the past 30 years, not to mention re-edits a plenty with a nod of the head to the classic anthems from the Haçienda. In addition, they were after an evening that would take people on a journey of musical discovery. And so Take Me to Church (T.M.T.C) was born – and continues to grow every month.

The founders say that the feedback from dancers in Prestwich has been amazing, with a great group of regulars and a real buzz on social media from people looking to travel from further afield for the first time. In fact, the journey has taken the night to special events such as the Christmas Party at Radcliffe Market Hall and last year’s first birthday celebrations, to the stables courtyard in Heaton Park – the first time the venue held such an event.

Jane (JJ), one of T.M.T.C’s DJs, says: “It’s been an amazing journey and we cannot believe that we are now about to celebrate our second birthday back in Heaton Park, building on the success of last year’s first birthday party held at the same venue.”

The team are always looking for new and interesting venues and have so far received great support from their partner venues.  

Take Me to ChurchTom, who also is a DJ for Home on the Range in Whalley Range, says: “It’s a wicked little scene in Prestwich and, as we all have our lives and families here, it is a great thing to share with our neighbours and friends.”  

Laughing with DJ Paul, they both comment on how the crowd changes with groups of regulars and people from all ages and interests coming to join the team on the dance floor. 

So, what’s next for T.M.T.C.?

JJ has been busy spreading the brand with her DJ residences in Spinningfields’s newest bar, Sunset, and at Disbury’s Fress.

“One of our resident DJ’ now lives in Dubai, so you may see us on tour,” she jokes.  


For more information on T.M.T.C.’s second Birthday Summer Festival Party in Heaton Park’s Stables Courtyard on July 14, follow this link: takemetochurch.co.uk