While Christmas may look a little different this year, at Northern Soul we love our festive traditions and here’s a particular favourite: the Northern Soul Christmas poem written exclusively for us by Wendy Pratt in response to Phil Pounder’s beautiful photograph.


Northern Angel

The kids are coming down the hill
below your feet with hi-vis coats
and plastic sledges, running up
the tide-line-trees
where thin light washes in
and out
on shortened winter days.

The burnt-rust of your wings
becomes a beacon,
shining from the mound
of the old colliery.

The kids are not aware of time,
or how it roots them here
in this re-imagined moment, captured
on a hill of other re-imagined moments.

All they know is how you
look out over high rise flats
and football fields
and that your wings lean in to embrace
the whole scene. You become alive
in the presence of others.
And you are never alone.
You have many friends.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at Northern Soul


Poem written exclusively for Northern Soul by Wendy Pratt; photo by Phil Pounder, our North East Photographer. 

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