I’ll come clean right now, cut to the chase, no dilly-dallying. I have a girl crush on Cathy Crabb.

Cathy is the sort of writer who inspires admiration, respect and just a little bit of drooling over her gigantic talent. If wishing made it so, Cathy would be my aunty. Not the kind of aunty who sends money at Christmas and insists on paying for tea (although Cathy would undoubtedly do both), but the kind of aunty who gets you drunk, tells you about boys and makes sure you get home in one piece.

And so it with eager anticipation that I look forward to The Enough Project, a double-bill featuring work by Cathy and Emma Adams, a friend of Cathy’s and another Northern playwright. This is what the publicity blurb says: “What does it mean to have enough in 2013? In a world battered by a financial crisis and with natural resources at breaking point. The Enough Project was devised to respond to one simple question: What is enough?”

It’s a bloody good question.

Blogging on Culture Vulture towards the start of the project, Cathy wrote about the pair’s early meetings in Chetham’s Library in Manchester: “All our ideas previously to Chets were streams and trickles leading to the lake of the theme we were really discussing above all – what does it mean to have enough? What is enough? In a finite world what makes us think of progress infinitely without a cap, and without restraint? Is the human race just a big greedy pig? (Pig thing is probably not what we said and now Emma is wishing she’d wrote the first blog). And on a personal level what does enough mean? Can it still have a positive spin in 2011? Does ‘enough’ pose a negative or positive in our lives?  Maybe it was the smell of old ideas and leafing through historic texts that helped us set in stone our subject. But here it stood amongst us, ‘enough’.”

So, if you want to know what is ‘enough’, get yourself down to The Enough Project. Venues include The Lowry in Salford, Bradford’s Theatre in the Mill and Leeds’ Carriageworks.

Preview by Helen Nugent


What: The Enough Project

When: summer 2013 at various venues

More info: see links to theatres above for times and dates